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Together with the Strauss Gala Foundation


... we were sitting with friends in the library ... and suddenly someone runs down the corridor barefoot and in a T-shirt ... detained, admitted that he was touring with us tomorrow ...

he brought the violin ... and suddenly it happened ... we heard a beautiful performance of the Four Seasons (Antonio Lucio Vivaldi). The impression was electrifying, it was a special concert.

And then there were more, more, more ...

And now (when the pandemic ends) such concerts will be in the palace ...

..... there will be many other events too ....

We are already looking forward to the date when we can invite you to the concert.

At the end of August, we hosted folk groups that came to the festival organized by the House of Culture in Szprotawa.

These were also fanstastic moments when we heard the choral singing in our hall ....

We hope for a "repeat of entertainment ..."

We are also preparing for open-air painting sessions and subsequent concerts, to which we will certainly invite you.


Painting open air

In July (20-29) this year, in cooperation with the Szprotawa Cultural Center, we will organize an open-air painting of famous artists, whose names, of course, will be announced to you.

Thanks to the courtesy of the director of Teresa Zima, we are in possession of a painting from the previous open-air painting by a well-known Polish artist - Waldemar Pawlikowski, which we present to you in the photo.

It will certainly be worth visiting then.

koncert wiolonczela i akordeon
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