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Welcome to the Henryków Palace

situated in the immediate vicinity of the town of Szprotawa (2 km from the center), which in turn is located in Lubuskie

50 km south of Zielona Góra, 80 km from Zgorzelec and, above all, close to the motorway,

to which it is 20 minutes and the S3 road - 25 minutes makes our location accessible by expresswaysfrom anywhere in Poland

and Western and Southern Europe.


Szprotawa is a picturesque and historic town situated between two rivers - the Bóbr and the Szprotawa rivers, where canoeing trips are organized in summer;

with many monuments and other tourist attractions and from the palace the walkto the center of Szprotawa is 15 minutes.

Choosing to visit us for a holiday or being invited to a wedding, you will reach us without major difficulties and traffic jams.


In addition, accommodation in a palace with history, a large, well-kept garden, where it's nice to hear an undisturbed murmur

falling water from the fountain and the silencefrom the city noise will ensure a perfect rest.

Time in the garden with birds singing and a good book, an excellent meal prepared by our chef and served in the summer

also in the garden will make this time unforgettable.


We welcome adult guests (12years and older)in the palace- which additionally creates conditions for a perfect stay in undisturbed silence

and the enjoyment of nature.


Our property is over 6 ha of greenery - a flower garden with benches and deckchairs, a park with an old tree stand and a small pond

with a tiny islandto which a picturesque wooden bridge has been thrown.


Everything for relaxation and a good rest.

The rooms


The rooms in the palace are spacious and comfortable, we guarantee great accommodation, good rest and interesting dreams  check it out ...



...a party in palace interiors is always great, and our cuisine will satisfy every guest with its dishes..


Great    Lottery


win your dream wedding 

take  participation in the Lottery

Portret rodzinny

Integration and events

Sylwestrowa impreza

 A view of the garden


We will invite you soon to a green, vibrant spring garden.

birds singing, which is already resoundingevery morning

it's getting louder...

and when the grass turns green and the flowers bloom

there will be nothing more wonderful than a walk along garden paths among fragrant grasses, flowers, buzzing bees

and singing birds.

Just a moment and spring will go wild again in the garden

and the summer will be bursting with warmth

and colors of flowers.



Reading with tea or coffee



When it's white outside the window

and the frost stings my ears

it is nice to sit on a comfortable sofa with a hot cup of winter tea

and immerse yourself in a fascinating book.

We have a huge selection of them in the palace,

everyone will find something for himself.

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