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Group   Fun  Inclusive  and Events

In our palace complex with a developed area of over 6 ha 

and very large farm buildings, we can offer various forms of integration

for corporate groups as well as for whole families.

It has long been known that healthy competition in a group or family strengthens friendships and develops cooperation

and responsibility.

The extensive area at our disposal gives great opportunities to organize various events, we can accept over 1,000 people at a time, and the fenced and closed area guarantees the safety of each event.

We offer you special forms of group integration, shows and meetings;

everyone will find something for himself.

wydarzenie plenerowe
Para lesbijek
Drużyna paintballowa

paintball– type team game, involving conducting a mock fight using markerssimilarly shaped devices

and working principle do pneumatic weapons,

which using compressed air or carbon dioxide throw balls filled with paint based on  gelatin food.

Hitting an opponent during which the ball

it breaks down, leaving a colorful trail

(called a splinter by players)

on the body, mask be marker contestant,

eliminates him from the game.

Strzelanie do celu
Hunter mające Rifle

Archery or archery 

it is a practical hunting and military art

and the sport derived from it, whose tradition

is tens of thousands of years old.

It is sport  and great fun in sports and group competition causing integration. 

Archery can now be classified as a sporting activity, the aim of which is to shoot the target as accurately as possible at various distances and to score as many

hit points.

Recreational target shooting

it's fun and inexpensive;  this is one

of the safest form of shoots availablenia. Recreational shooting can also be a lifelong passion for families to enjoy time together!

As an educational tool, it teaches basic marksmanship skills required for hunting, sports and provides many opportunities for families and workgroups to get involved

in outdoor activities.

Człowiek robi łucznictwo

Rafting and kayaking

is an unforgettable trip on the Bóbr or Kwisa rivers. The routes are very varied and beautiful,

contact with nature and getting to know the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park is also a nature lesson - fantastic flora and fauna of the living

here animals and views,which everyone would envy.

Imagine that we are traveling lazily passing the Bobrzanskie forests, wild birds ... gray herons,

black stork, ducks jumping up

from waterat our sight

and we are simply carried by the current of the river

we are restingsurrounded by greenery.

We are accompanied by the sounds of a calm hum

winding like a ribbon of a river. 

Zespół raftingowy
CHATA GRILL_edited.jpg

Grill hut

 we will organize a village feast

in the old part of the farm building

with an old brick floor, wooden polesand the ceiling

and a ladder wagon on which we will serve excellent country food straight from the grill.

Draft beer straight from the barrel will quench your thirst after hearty meals.

Outside you can sit at wooden benches and tables.

Koncert chata.jpg
Wanesa chata.jpg
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