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Poznaj wyniki naszej majowej loterii weselnej

I will prepare all the best for you, only from fresh products

purchased from local food producers;
We realize that only fresh, organic products produced by small entrepreneurs-farmers

they are the tastiest.
You will eat traditional Polish cuisine with us - excellent sour rye soup and real pork chop
as well as exquisite starters and dishes prepared for special occasions;
don't hesitate, just visit us



Parties organized at the palace 

they are always exquisite,

palace rooms add to their charm

and the kitchen staff

can satisfy the most demanding culinary tastes of our guests.

In our interiors

we will also prepare

perfect lunch or dinner

for 2 or more guests;

we always care about their satisfaction



If you wanted to

boho/rustic style wedding

then we invite you to our farm.

PWe prepare everything accordingly

with best wishes 

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