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Garden     SPA

We cannot invite you to the spa in the interiors of the palace yet,

however, we can invite you to our garden spa overlooking the palace.

We have prepared a spacious sauna in a separate part of our garden  with a covered vestibule,

a hot tub with cold water in which you can immerse yourself to cool your body, and a large -  Jacuzzi for 6 people.

We heat the sauna and jacuzzi with a wood stove, so we can freely control the temperature.

See for yourself what a pleasure it is to lie in hot bubbles and breathe the fresh air.

Kobieta w saunie

Sauna -  

we all know what a salutary effect

our body has a sauna.

In our  In the sauna you will not only relax, you will also moisturize the respiratory tract thanks to the built-in salt panels.

A real pleasure.

Man having massage in  hot tub Jacuzzi. Spa background._edited.jpg

Hot outdoor bath in the jacuzzi  

it's a great idea to relax.

Enjoy our garden spa,

go to the sauna, jump into the tub with cold water

and indulge in relaxation in the swirling water  

under a cloud

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