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Spend your pre-marital evening with us

Bachelorette partyis deeply rooted in the Old Polish tradition.

It is also called virgin evening, rozgowinami, rozplecinami, wreaths.

"The day before the wedding, a grand farewell evening is organized for young people. The boy and the girl play separately, each with their friends - members of the wedding procession. Only single people should participate in the game.

The bachelorette party was marked by rich symbolism related to the girl's chastity, as well as the imminent act of

to offer her virtue to a chosen man.

A very important element of the bachelorette party was baking a wedding cake, called korowaj.

Kołacz made of wheat flour and decorated with dough figures could be baked only once in a lifetime,

predicted the fate of a young couple - an overgrown one foretold a long and happy life, while a cracked one with a sore

meant that the marriage would not be compatible. Korovai was surrounded by a wreath symbolizing the purity of the bride,

in the middle, a nest was placed, marking the future offspring, while ears and geese were placed on the sides

were associated with wishes for material success.

wedding roddressed during the bachelorette party was a symbol of the wedding ceremony.

A naturally developed pine or spruce branch, decorated with apples, nuts,

ornaments made of tissue paper. At the end of the evening there was an act of redemption of the rod - the starosta held it

until the moment of opening, rising up during the culminating moments of the wedding.

Just as the wreath is a symbol of virginity and purity of a woman, the rod is a male attribute,

a sign of a man's potential and his procreative power.

Bachelor partythis party for bachelor  or by himself before wedding.

A bachelor party is spent in the company of men only

and it is supposed to be the last opportunity to enjoy pleasures unavailable after marriage.

The costs are usually covered by the friends of the bachelor who arrive for the evening.



We can prepare this evening

on different ways:

it can be a party in a grill hut with country and grilled food, in the evening in the garden lit with lanterns,

on deckchairs in a green garden,

in our garden spa

at full ease

or elegantly in ballrooms.

The choice of form is up to you,

we are ready for anything...

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Gentlemen - celebrate this day with us in any way:
barbecue, garden, elegant event.
We will provide great fun in every form


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