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  Savoir vivre today

Savoir vivre

Literally translated - knowing how to live, knowing life - colloquial: good manners, good manners, social convention….

All that we would not say about these two words boils down to one - how to live and act,

in order to arouse admiration with their behavior and not contempt for manners and behavior in everyday life.

Savoir vivre - as everyone thinks - did not come from France.

The principles of good manners and impeccable manners and customs were cultivated by the Greeks and it was them

they were the forerunners  culture in this regard.

Nowadays, we often need to know how to behave  at the table, at work, at social gatherings, in the theater or at elegant parties.

The progress of civilization has changed a lot in social conventions and current trends,

however, he did not remove them from our lives. It only depends on us how we will be perceived by the environment

and - above all - how we ourselves will feel about ourselves.

They don't teach us this at school, we don't often have it at home, we don't see it among friends.

So how do you know how:

  • - invite guests to our parties

  • - correct makeup and where

  • - introduce invited guests

  • - to whom to bow to the first

  • - who proposes to "call each other by name"

  • - end the social gathering or party without offending the guests

  • - behave at the table and set it for dinner, what wine to serve and how to drink it, how to plan the menu

  • - write a company letter or reply to e-mail correspondence

  • - use and recognize "body language", how to express your intentions in the right words

  • - what to do with hands and gestures

  • - recognize the applicable "dress code" and dress for an interview, party, meeting

and a whole lot of useful information and principles that we should know and apply in life so that everyone wants

stay with us, invite to meetings, hire us at work, learn from us the culture of being and manners.

It is not at all true that good manners and impeccable manners are a thing of the past,

that nowadays the popular slack and freedom are the most important.

The ease and ease in life can also have a touch of elegance ... and you really like it.

We like to watch  historical romances and admire how people used to live, we follow the life of aristocrats today, observing every detail of their behavior, clothing, banquets - often dreaming that one day maybe I -

and ending my dreams - no… it is impossible for me… nobody will invite me to such a place….

Nothing could be further from the truth ... we provoke the environment with our behavior, attitude, clothes and conversation

to thirst  staying - or not - with us.

There are plenty of on-line savoir vivre courses on the internet, but .....

How to learn these manners without practicing with other people. How to make yourself express yourself

without having any conversation, how to behave at the table without having a meal together?

How to get such knowledge during a several-hour full-time course organized in a random place?

How to come back to this place with a question, uncertainty, advice?

It's probably impossible.

It is for this reason that in our palace, which is fit for this like no other place,

we run such courses,

which, using a few days' stay of trainees, can instill in us a love for good manners

and impeccable manners and rules of life. It will only be up to you how you use it  them in life.

We - providing you with a stay in comfortable palace rooms,

meals in rooms with traditions - prepared in accordance with the rules of covering  table,

by participating in conversations with you and answering every question, dispelling any uncertainty - we guarantee that when you leave us, you will look at life differently.

You will want to come back to the next training meetings to draw on the principles of savior-vivre with a huge ladle.

Try ... manners and bon tons are always "priced"

"Only complete barbarity can exist without aristocracy"

         Joseph von Eichendorff

"The aristocracy of the spirit does not result from inborn qualities, it is a matter of a bit of talent and a lot of work on oneself"

         Edmund Małkiewicz

"True aristocracy flows from spirit, not from an ancestral title or fortune"

          Halina Rodzińska


Invest in yourself, this investment will always pay off





Our courses are organized only in small groups - 10 to 15 people in the form of a 4-day -3 night stay.

They are run by experienced trainers, with the participation of sommeliers, dance instructors and people of social etiquette, and include accommodation and meals and aids to achieve the training goal.

The cost of the training is PLN 4,400

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