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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Palace,

where we will do our best to make your stay with us

made the enjoyment of our hospitality a pleasure

in beautiful  baroque interiors.

We will prepare every family celebration for you.


Soup: Royal broth with noodles

Main course on platters:

Royal chicken cutlet, pork neck in its own sauce, gold-coated pork loin (1.5 servings / person)

Silesian dumplings, potatoes

Salad bouquet

Cold snacks: 3 servings / person

  • Roast meats

  • Old Polish pate with cranberries

  • Ham rolls with horseradish cream

  • Poultry timbels

  • Eggs garnished on an old Polish salad

  • Herring in cream or oil

  • Rolls With Salmon

  • Composition of dips

  • Bread, butter

Hot and cooling drinks:

coffee, tea, still water with lemon, non-carbonated fruit drinks

Cake: cheesecake, apple pie

Additional warm meal: goulash soup or borscht with croquette

Cost - PLN 175 / person


Additionally payable - communion decoration of the Hall and chairs

Decoration with live flowers and candles PLN 300, chair cover PLN 8 / item

Podczas przyjęcia komunijnego będą nieodpłatnie przygotowane dla dzieci animacje - dmuchańce


Family parties


We will prepare every family party for you, setting the menu according to your taste and meal selection. We take into account vegans, vegetarians and any other form of food preparation.


The cost of the party depends on the menu provided and starts from PLN 85 / person (soup, main course - 3 types of meats per 1.5 portions / person, salads, hot and cold drinks) to PLN 190 at a banquet lasting 8-10 hours with full menu.


You decide what we will prepare

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