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Come to the palace,

rest and learn about his stories

The first historical mention of the palace is dated

for 1650, a manor house stood here, the owner of which - a Viennese merchant, managed the local goods.

Until the end of the war, it was in private hands and after the war it was allocated to a state-owned farm with huge agricultural goods.

At the end of the twentieth century, it was purchased by a private owner who separated the palace goods with a park and farm buildings and sold it to another private investor. The latter renovated the palace, allocating it for tourism.

We have been managing the palace and renovating it since 2020

and we adapt it to the needs of running hotel services

and gastronomic.

In the huge farm buildings belonging to the palace, which surround the garden, creating a quadrilateral with a centrally located palace, we arrange a performance and ballroom and

a feast room with a grill and a smokehouse.

There is a pond with a tiny island in the park,

a picturesque bridge leads to it.

The entire park and palace property is over 6 ha - forest, park, garden and buildings.



In the palace, in the entrance hall, there is a commemorative plaque on which they are written in German

palace owners from 1650.

Below is the German text together

with a translation depicting the history of the palace.

tablica pamiątkowa.jpg

See photos of the palace

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