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Palace  winter swimming

Pływanie zimą

Swimming is nothing more than bathing in cold water.

Although for some this form of activity is controversial and raises many doubts, the brave ones who decided to try it,

convince them of its benefits. Interestingly, winter swimming is not something new, it has a truly impressive tradition,

and the first mentions of bathing in cold water come from ancient times. Currently, the biggest enthusiasts are the residents

Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe. In Poland, it is still a less popular activity, although with each subsequent season there is an increasing number of enthusiasts.

Due to the climate, winter swimming in Poland is practiced from late autumn to early spring, when the water temperature increases

in tanks it ranges from 12 to 8ºC and involves short-term immersion lasting no longer than a few minutes.

Bathing in cool water can be done alone, but winter swimming in a larger group is very popular.

This increases positive emotions, enables the establishment of interesting and inspiring relationships and brings a lot of joy.

In the palace, we can combine winter swimming with hot sunbathing, which everyone knows has a positive effect on our body. 

An additional advantage is meeting friends, spending time together and chatting - all this in our palace garden.

after cold and hot fun, we invite you to the palace restaurant, where the chef will treat your palate with excellent old Polish cuisine.

and you can rest for a few days in comfortable rooms.

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In our garden you can combine swimming not only with a sauna
but also with a hot jacuzzi.
See for yourself what a great pleasure it is to immerse yourself in hot water with bubbles
and there's a cold aura around us that can't do anything to us...
you can only admire the charms of winter...

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And after all... or during...
you can enjoy hot wine with orange and cloves...
or cold champagne,
that will cool our mind after a hot bath...

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